PI-KU opened as a bricks and mortar shop in Edinburgh in 2015. We aimed to create a calm space – accessible to all - an antidote to fast fashion - offering a small selection of clothing and household objects.

By individually selecting items based on their unique story, composition and feel, we strive to form collections liberated from seasonal trends, gender and age, with a sense of playfulness and ease of wear.

Collectively, we have spent several years collecting and repurposing second-hand clothing, objects and surplus fabrics. With backgrounds in fine art, textiles and fashion, PI-KU is shaped by our experience and interest in tactile forms and traditional crafts.

Sustainability and recycling are at the core of what we do and all of our products are either second-hand/vintage or UK made - responsibly manufactured in natural fibres.

Through collaboration and community, we aim to continue to grow our collections and hope you enjoy bringing new context and meaning to our pieces.

PI-KU : - )